Thursday, April 12, 2012

Teal Coloured Ocean and Beach Thrifting

Work-shopping 60's inspired Hip Brown rest/ relaxation signs for the store
This Easter, we embarked on a rather unplanned road trip to a lovely beach area in NSW called South West Rocks: If ever you visit, Trial Bay is simply a must as far as beaches go! It also happens to be very near the area, where I grew up. Easter time is fast becoming my favorite time of the year to holiday. The beach, the weather and water temperature was so absolutely perfect. I am talking lovely soft, soft sand and calm beautiful teal coloured water... for so many reasons, I found it achingly hard to leave and return to my home here in Brisbane. Alas the sign of a fabulous holiday, my friend!

Tooth's Lemonade bottle
Simply had to do a lil souvenir thrifting from a beautiful antique store I found. I purchased some gorgeous vintage bottles... surely one can never have too many, can you??
1 Pint Milk bottle
  I also so found some beach souvenirs to remind me of my favorite beach. I do think holiday souvenirs, specifically shouting out loud for the non tacky ones are a must have!
Beach Thrifting/ Souvenirs

Cowrie Shell from Trial Bay
School holidays can be a tricky time to always feel creatively connected and on top of everything especially from a business point of view. Children force me to keep things very simple and for this reason I have been enjoying work-shopping some new product ideas. I find it is something I can quite easily do with the boys around especially if they busily work on their own projects, albeit drawing or making paper airplanes. I specifically wanted to use rope, paint and wood possibly along the lines of a sign or wall artwork... Maybe even a little 60's inspired in terms of design. I do love these particular mediums and have wanted to use them in my work for ages. These are still a work in progress; The hand painted designs need more tweaking however I am looking forward to them being listed in my home-wares store oneday soon.

Hip Brown Wall Signs/ Art works


Sadie Dear said...

What lovely finds! You are right: you can never have enough vintage glass. I can't, anyway.

Rachael Honner said...

Thanks Sadie Dear... so glad you think so too. Some vintage beauties are definitely hard to pass by!

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