Monday, May 27, 2013

Sweet memories and souvenirs

Inside these bottles are dried remnants from a beautiful bunch of flowers gifted to me on mother’s day. They were from Magnolia Flowers in Ashgrove, my favourite florist!
I adore their flower arrangements and Magnolia is also one of my most favourite names ever!
Keeping flowers has long been a tradition of mine; it was something I did even as a teenager. I guess I just love the gift to last and like finding ways to remember thoughtfulness. They are my souvenirs to remind me of a sweet moment and I think they also look great as decorations scattered around the home.

Sometimes, the greenery is the best part to dry out and keep! They look great hanging on a wall, dangled around a bottle, or as part of a wall vignette
What souvenirs do you like to treasure?? xx

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beachcomber said...

what a beautiful way to keep your flowers. very artistic!

beachcomber said...
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Hip Brown said...

Oh thankyou, I love finding new ways to decorate with them! XX

Stylish Kylie said...

Gorgeous. I used to keep flowers as a child. Great to see you today xx

Hip Brown said...

Lovely to see you too. Sorry I had to run, very annoying cough. Rhi is lovely, also thought the owner (what was her name?) was a darling. chat soon xx

Diane said...

I love your dried flowers in the bottles! Such a pretty way to display them. Thanks for leaving a comment about my mason jars!

Fiona, LilyfieldLife said...

beautiful photos and flowers Rachel
have a good weekend
Fiona xx

Carolyn Darragh said...

I love the way natives last so long. They look very pretty in the little bottles.

Hip Brown said...

Thanks for popping by Diane. Love flowers in jars and bottles!

Hip Brown said...

Thanks for popping by Fi! Have a great weekend too hon xx

Hip Brown said...

H Carloyn, love that they last forever! Hope you have a great weekend. xx

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